Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week Three - Ian

Ian Bowden is the Art Director of a major international video games studio, based in the post-apocalyptic wilderness of Holbeck, South Leeds.   Born in 1970, the son of a draughtsman-turned-programmer, Ian spent his formative years in Liverpool living in a house surrounded by cutting edge technology (read ugly beige boxes with wires coming out). Ignoring the promise of paid work as a junior programmer, he moved to Leeds in 1989 to study Art History and English Literature. When forced to find gainful employment the burgeoning games industry of the mid-nineties beckoned.   Ian has lectured internationally, works with Yorkshire Universities and is generally involved in the Leeds Arts Scene. He lives in LS6.   In his spare time Ian makes big charcoal pictures, takes bad photographs and sits in pubs sketching; an attempt to document the rapidly dwindling traditional British Pub Culture. This is in no way an excuse to drink beer.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Week Two - Wendy

I’m Wendy AKA @Wandapops - a southern shortie with a Yorkshire state of mind. 

I live in the city centre in a flat by the river. This means I can pretty much walk everywhere, if I'm not running (slowly) or dancing (enthusiastically).

If I didn't get paid to promote Leeds to visitors @LoveLeedsMore I'd be doing it anyway (don't tell my bosses that). Luckily it is my job and I practice what I preach. It’s my mission to make the most of the fabulous fun things we have going on. 

I encourage people to #LeedsCelebWatch with varying degrees of success. I am the curator of #LeedsPlaylist. I love fancy dress. I want to keep the memory of Sir Jimmy Savile alive by holding a race in his honour. I’m in a cheese club and a book club. I swoon a lot. If my life was a sitcom it would be New Girl (with less gorgeousness). I’m cultured and uncultured in equal measures. I insist on knowing everyone’s height. My glass is so full I’ve spilt drink on your shoes. Soz.

I hope you enjoy the random places I'll be taking you this week, spending the money I probably should be putting into a pension. I can't wait to share and compare experiences with all you other PeopleOfLeeds!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Week One - Kirsty

Welcome to week one of People of Leeds. This week's guest is Kirsty. Kirsty has lived in Leeds for a little over two years, and currently lives in Wortley in West Leeds. She works for the council and also runs Leeds Letters, Leeds Photohunt and Foldageddon. Kirsty is interested in the arts and would like to bring more fun events to Leeds. Kirsty will be tweeting on @peopleofleeds until 22nd January. She normally tweets as @gazpachodragon

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Welcome to People of Leeds

Hello and welcome to People of Leeds!

We are a twitter account that is run by the people of Leeds. All sorts of different people, from all over Leeds, telling the world about the city. We'll be starting on January 16th.

Each Monday a new person will take over the account. For a look at this week's person, check out the latest blog, or head to our twitter feed for the project itself.