Monday, 23 January 2012

Week Two - Wendy

I’m Wendy AKA @Wandapops - a southern shortie with a Yorkshire state of mind. 

I live in the city centre in a flat by the river. This means I can pretty much walk everywhere, if I'm not running (slowly) or dancing (enthusiastically).

If I didn't get paid to promote Leeds to visitors @LoveLeedsMore I'd be doing it anyway (don't tell my bosses that). Luckily it is my job and I practice what I preach. It’s my mission to make the most of the fabulous fun things we have going on. 

I encourage people to #LeedsCelebWatch with varying degrees of success. I am the curator of #LeedsPlaylist. I love fancy dress. I want to keep the memory of Sir Jimmy Savile alive by holding a race in his honour. I’m in a cheese club and a book club. I swoon a lot. If my life was a sitcom it would be New Girl (with less gorgeousness). I’m cultured and uncultured in equal measures. I insist on knowing everyone’s height. My glass is so full I’ve spilt drink on your shoes. Soz.

I hope you enjoy the random places I'll be taking you this week, spending the money I probably should be putting into a pension. I can't wait to share and compare experiences with all you other PeopleOfLeeds!

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