Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week Six: Declan

Howdy, my name's Declan aka @Declanthinks and I'm THE person of Leeds for the week commencing the 20th of February. I tend to tweet about The Jeremy Kyle show, the best man on television.

If you need any idea of what sort of tweeter I will be, just think the polar opposite of the previous five. 

I wear neckwear like no other. 

I tend not to adhere to the obvious stereotypes but I am massive Sex and the City fan. Incase you were wondering, I am Samantha. 

I've got a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment... Ahem. So to fill my time I have just started on a new project with @Jennie84 to organise events raising money for Macmillian Cancer Trust. Our first is on the 7th of April at The Wardrobe in Leeds. I assume I'll see you there.

I live in Otley, which feels like a thousand miles away from the cosmopolitan metropolis of Leeds City Centre. I will spend most of my week trying to get back in touch with Civilisation and away from fields and hedges and wildlife and stuff.

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