Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week Eight: Rowena

My name is Rowena and I am the Community Manager of Yelp in Leeds. I generally work where ever there may be wifi, and am based in Headingley town. As the Community Manager of Yelp, I help to connect local folk to the best in local business, promote the independents, write a spanking lovely newsletter each week and generally organise a ton of funzies offline in the real world – as well as welcoming anyone to the site who might pop up! ( Of course, take a gander and get involved if you wish!

I've been up north for just about 10 years now, and am proud to say I'm an honourary Yorkshire(wo)man. Personally, I'm passionate about singing, songwriting, taking photographs, writing, debating, feminism and just about anything creative I can put my hand to. If there's an adventure, I'll find it. I adore vintage clothings so you'll occasionally find me dressed in random Victorian-esque garb and, if you're (un)lucky, hideously 80s shoulder pad-tastic threads. I also dabbled in jewellery making a while back! Professionally, I'm passionate about all things Leeds, and adore the city for all of its creativity, diversity, culture and (most importantly) delicious foodstuffs. In general I'm usually about town like a mad woman, by day and night, trying to soak in as much of the awesome as there is to offer here. And there's a lot. I hope to share some of it over the next seven days...

Things that are fabulous include: Gaslight Club at Oporto, Cafe Scientifique, TEDxLeeds, LSx, Cornucopia, Reetsweet, Foldageddon, Thought Bubble, Judy's Vintage Fair, St. Gemma's Vintage Fair, Acoustic Revolution at Adelphi, The Carriageworks, Leeds Indie Radio and the Leeds music scene in general. (Of course, there's bound to be some things I've missed off this list, but you get the idea.) Also, my cat is pretty damned cool. (She plays fetch, and everything.)

Hoping to have lots to say this week about Leeds, and wish me luck! I'm feeling the pressure of the amazing dudes that had the gig before me...

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