Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week Nine: Katie

Hi I'm Katie Buffalo. I emigrated from the US (Kentucky, specifically)
in 2006 and I've lived in Leeds ever since. I love it here, and it
feels more like home than home ever really did, to be honest. I work
in marketing and PR at Leeds Trinity University College, which I
really enjoy. It's fast-paced and creative and my co-workers are

I sometimes think I'm a really a 60 year old Yorkshireman trapped in a
33 year old American woman's body - I love pie, real ale, beer
festivals with morris dancers, flat caps, dogs (though I don't have
one, sadly), and doing a little DIY on a Saturday afternoon while
listening to Radio 4. But then again, I'm also obsessed with dresses,
shoes,  nail varnish, and music - hip-hop to classic country and
everything in between.  So, basically, I guess I'm just a walking

When I'm not painting my nails, you can find me in the kitchen (I love
to cook, and was even a contestant on Britains' Best Dish in 2009!) or
just hanging out with my husband @mtarbit and the wacky cast of
characters that make up our friends.

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