Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week Fifteen: Ben

I'm Ben and I am from Leeds. 
Having only left the LS postcode a few years ago to study around the rest of the civilised world (South and North Yorkshire), I'm now back in and around Leeds and make a daily pilgrimage twelve minutes up the train track into the centre. 
I work at a law firm which prides itself on its Leeds roots and spend most evenings around the city centre too.
I think you'll all agree that while the previous fourteen people have all been excellent, what this account needs is a bit more organisation. So each morning I'll be posting my daily itinerary.
As that really is how dull I am, watch out for some follower participation scheduled for later in my week, plus a special guest appearance on Wednesday from a former Person Of Leeds.
Hmm, now, did I spell that day right...?

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