Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week Twenty: Steve

Originally from Wakefield, I moved to Leeds about 5-6 years ago. Originally residing in Headingley, then Chapel Allerton and now the City Centre, I’ve had a taste of a few different levels of Leeds living. I work for a communication solutions company called KCOM, as Internal Communication and Social Media Manager (No, I don’t just sit on Facebook all day!). Favourite dance move is The Robot!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Week Nineteen: Nadine


I'm Nadine (@MissPembers) and i'm originally from Bradford but now very happily resident in LS1.

I've been working in Leeds for the last few years but reluctantly (please don't boo me just yet!!) moved to the city in February after a job offer that was meant to be back in London, where I previously lived, ended up being based in Leeds.

Not one to do things by half, I figured that if I was going to work in LS1, I might as well move to LS1 and learn about the city by living the city life. I've swapped the daily commute for a nice stroll, the car for my trainers and my 'old' life for a brand new shiny, Leeds based, fun-filled one that I absolutely love!!!

I'm a solicitor and I'll be at work during the day Monday to Friday but I'll find time to tweet, especially at lunch time.  You might be able to help me with a daily dilemma that I have - 'what shall I have for lunch?!?!?' The view from my desk has got to be one of the nicest in the city centre.  I'll show you at some point. 

I have a few bits planned this week that will give a reflection of my day to day or day to night, life in Leeds and I'm also hoping to try out some new things and places.

Hope you enjoy my week.  I know i'm going to, except perhaps for my visit to the dentist on Monday...

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Week Eighteen: Tessa

I've been in Leeds since 2004 when I arrived to study Jazz at the College of Music.  Now a resident of Armley, West Leeds, I spend my days teaching singing in Bradford and Harrogate, gigging where ever I can, and seeking out live music to listen and dance Lindy-Hop to in Leeds.

Hopefully I'll take you some places you didn't know about, or at least haven't been yet.  :)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Week Seventeen: Amber

Hi, I'm Amber. I've lived in Leeds for almost 13 years, mostly in Burley LS4 where I live now.
I have worked in Leeds and York as a research scientist but at the moment am mostly mum to sons aged 5 and 3 (and minus 2 months) and I like to spend my time exploring Leeds both with and without them.

My tweets should give you an idea of what it's like to live in Leeds with a young family.