Sunday, 3 June 2012

Week Twenty-One: Matthew

I'm a writer and storyteller, based in Moortown in North Leeds. I work all over the city, with all sorts of different people. A lot of the work I do is in local schools, but I also perform in libraries, theatres, museums, tents - pretty much anywhere that'll have me really

I tell all sorts of different stories from traditional myths and folktales to interpretations of well-known literary classics. I also perform my own material – mainly stories about my life growing-up in Leeds. There's some more stuff about me online at:

I'm also in the middle of an ongoing twitter project myself - @365LeedsStories. I'm basically trying to tweet a tiny story about the city of Leeds for every day of the year. Some of the stories are factual, some are funny (well I think so anyway) and some are sad. The only rule for their inclusion in the project is that they must in some way be connected to the urban utopia that is Leeds.
That's been going on since April 2011 and I'm planning to run it for another year at least.

I also tweet as myself @PostboxJohn

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