Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week 29: Chris

I’m Chris King. Yes, the Chris King. The Crown Green Bowls correspondent for the Yorkshire Evening Post. Bowls. It’s a sport. It is. Honestly. Oh well.
I work in Project Management for the University of Leeds when I’m not writing about men polishing their balls. I don’t work with students. There’s no thankfully to follow that statement. I fully appreciate the impact students have on both our city (good and bad) as well as my pay packet. The only time I moan is when it takes forever to get lunch. Otherwise we happily share the same space.
I live in Meanwood. I refuse to call it a village. I’m not sure anyone other than an estate agent calls it that. Yes we have one of those fancy dan supermarkets, but there’s more to Meanwood than Waitrose.
I’m originally from London. I’ve worked across Britain and Europe. I moved to Leeds after finding my wife in a field in Glastonbury. She wasn’t lost, though I think I was at the time. I moved up, my mum moved up. I started my own family and now I am here. Working, living, drinking, breathing – and doubting; yes doubting. I’ve failed in some way to truly bond with Leeds. When I moved up it was all about the great bars, clubs and restaurants – but now, as a father – that all feels like a life time away. So now I have a void. A void I am looking to fill – through the dialogue I hope to have with anyone that cares to interact with me on twitter this week. I’ll show you my Leeds, if you tell me all about yours.
Expect tweets, photos and I’ll even try to keep everything as positive as possible. I don’t use the bus all that often, so there’s no excuse for me to moan about those.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Week 28: Lianne

I'm a 26 year old wife. Living in Meanwood with my husband and cat. I work as a finance supervisor for an insurance company in Leeds. Keen cyclist and love going to the gym. I'll be running a few Yorkshire based 10ks this year. I'm a member of a WI in Leeds and also go to book clubs and various craft groups in Leeds. Oh and I love tattooing and have a lot of work done by artists who are also based in Leeds. All this Yorkshire living is awfully strange for me as I've only been here for 5 years and I'm from London originally.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks six months since People of Leeds started. Originally we hoped it would run for three months as an experiment. We never thought it would be the start of a movement, would gain over 2000 fans and would spark people around the world looking at Leeds with interest, including people booking holidays to see where we're talking about in person! We've been featured in the media several times, including the New York Times and ABC News.

It's been a pleasure, and it's with immense pride that I can say this is just the beginning. We've got people booked in until 2013, and the plan is to continue it for as long as we get volunteers. Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far, to people yet to come, and to all of you for joining in, reading, and making all of this more than we could ever hope for.

Week 27: Mick

Twitcher, Leeds United fan and occassional blogger. Based in Armley, Mick's written three books including Nailed - Digital Stalking. He has three sons and the proudest moment of his life was when Mike Garson contacted him to say how much he'd enjoyed reading Coming Out.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Week 26: Gary the Gopher

Hi I'm Gary the Gopher of I was born (well more like created) on Valentines Day 2008 in Leeds to help local businesses promote themselves.

I've lived in Leeds all my life, based at Queen Square LS2, and think I could well be the country's first and one and only Gopher entrepreneur.

I love the people and the businesses of Leeds and I am big a fan of helping the city to thrive.
I'd describe myself as furry, cuddly and a lot of fun.

With my week on People of Leeds I hope to provide a unique insight into the city from my point of view as well as the others I meet along the way.

If you spot me come say hi - I will give a you a free cuddle and may even post your picture on the Twitter account!

Have a nice day now!
Gary the Gopher

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Week 25: Phil

Originally from the Midlands, I've lived up in Leeds since my teens
and never quite escaped - despite some honourable attempts - and moved
into the city centre (the uncool end, but it still counts!) about
three years ago. Like many people here, I work for a digital marketing
agency where I do front-end web development (the stuff that goes on in
the browser) and am rather excitable about the awesome communities
that we're creating.

This year sees a bit of a shift to being more sociable and I can often
be found at book clubs and other varied events that go on in the city.
I'm also a big motor sport fan and a collector of t-shirts, most of
which I don't even wear. My second favourite kind of mushroom is the
straw mushroom.