Monday, 9 July 2012

Week 26: Gary the Gopher

Hi I'm Gary the Gopher of I was born (well more like created) on Valentines Day 2008 in Leeds to help local businesses promote themselves.

I've lived in Leeds all my life, based at Queen Square LS2, and think I could well be the country's first and one and only Gopher entrepreneur.

I love the people and the businesses of Leeds and I am big a fan of helping the city to thrive.
I'd describe myself as furry, cuddly and a lot of fun.

With my week on People of Leeds I hope to provide a unique insight into the city from my point of view as well as the others I meet along the way.

If you spot me come say hi - I will give a you a free cuddle and may even post your picture on the Twitter account!

Have a nice day now!
Gary the Gopher

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