Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week 29: Chris

I’m Chris King. Yes, the Chris King. The Crown Green Bowls correspondent for the Yorkshire Evening Post. Bowls. It’s a sport. It is. Honestly. Oh well.
I work in Project Management for the University of Leeds when I’m not writing about men polishing their balls. I don’t work with students. There’s no thankfully to follow that statement. I fully appreciate the impact students have on both our city (good and bad) as well as my pay packet. The only time I moan is when it takes forever to get lunch. Otherwise we happily share the same space.
I live in Meanwood. I refuse to call it a village. I’m not sure anyone other than an estate agent calls it that. Yes we have one of those fancy dan supermarkets, but there’s more to Meanwood than Waitrose.
I’m originally from London. I’ve worked across Britain and Europe. I moved to Leeds after finding my wife in a field in Glastonbury. She wasn’t lost, though I think I was at the time. I moved up, my mum moved up. I started my own family and now I am here. Working, living, drinking, breathing – and doubting; yes doubting. I’ve failed in some way to truly bond with Leeds. When I moved up it was all about the great bars, clubs and restaurants – but now, as a father – that all feels like a life time away. So now I have a void. A void I am looking to fill – through the dialogue I hope to have with anyone that cares to interact with me on twitter this week. I’ll show you my Leeds, if you tell me all about yours.
Expect tweets, photos and I’ll even try to keep everything as positive as possible. I don’t use the bus all that often, so there’s no excuse for me to moan about those.

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