Sunday, 9 September 2012

Week 35: Diane

Hi My name is Diane, I've lived in Leeds for almost 26 years having slipped over the pennines from the wet and wild Lancashire in my teens to study.....nothing drew me back there! I've lived in Beautiful Bramley for the past 22 years and would love to share to the people of Leeds some insights. I have 2 kids aged 17 and one told me that working with teenagers was easier than living with 2 teenagers. I share my house with a third person, my lovely hubby Mark. I'll get to tweet on the 14th September how we celebrate out 21st Wedding anniversary.....don't expect anything wonderful and special, its most likely to be low key!
Until recently I also worked in Bramley with the fabulous youth, (sadly made redundant and seeking full time I've plenty of time on my hands to play) I do some part-time work, mainly supervised contacts of parents with their children and lots of voluntary work, so you might find I tweet about some of the positive stuff that young people are up to in Leeds. 
I'm not too witty, but I do have a good sense of humour so hopefully won't bore too many folk as I get out and about. 

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