Sunday, 21 October 2012

Week 41: Liz

I've lived in Leeds since finishing agricultural college (where I did an ever-useful degree in Equine Science) in 2003, and have always lived in Halton, East Leeds with my husband. We now have two kids, aged five and three. My daughter will tell you that she's six in three weeks though, so I'd better mention that. I think that East Leeds is a bit under-valued, so I'll probably talk a bit about that during my week as People of Leeds. I work as a lead advisor for a Big Lottery funded grant scheme called Access to Nature, the aim of which is to connect many different groups of people with the natural environment. I really love my job, which is a relief, because I work full time!

When I'm not doing that, I have a myriad of interests ranging from working on my allotment to playing with Blythe dolls. In fact, I think the only hobby I've never been interested in is golf. Oh, and football, much to the sadness of my Leeds United supporting husband. The range of things I'm interested in led to me naming my blog "Margot and Barbara", where I write three times a week on pretty much anything that occurs to me.  Subjects that I will always be interested in include the environment, travel, local, seasonal and home grown food, books, gardening, beer, fashion, the state of my wrinkles (I've become a bit obsessed by them...), tea drinking, learning about new things, and making new friends. I'm sure we'll get along...

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