Sunday, 16 December 2012

Week 48: Alice

As my name suggests (alicebaileyLS8) I am Leeds born and bred and currently residing in said postcode. I spent my early years in Little London and Hyde Park before moving to LS16 and bar a brief hiatus in Reading (of all places) where I went to university, the rest of my time's been spent in LS7 and 8.

I’ve worked in radio for the past 12 years, in stations all over Yorkshire. I’m now a broadcast journalist by trade, where being objective is the name of the game is – whereas in my personal life I have often been accused of harbouring a portable soapbox!  But I guess I have always been interested in both sides of the story, so maybe that’s how I ended up here.

My other big passion is music and I’ve spent (too) many a long night DJing in various clubs, mainly the fabulous and legendary Leeds club SpeedQueen.
They just do occasional nights now but it’s inclusive ethos welcoming open-minded people, gay straight, trans black, white, young, old etc.. made it a very special place in clubland through the 90s and 00s

With a full time job and a young son ,who still hates bedtime, life is pretty hectic. I’m aiming not to rant TOO much and not to tweet after too much wine (hard in the festive season I think) and also to use less brackets!
If I had a magic wand, after the obvious (getting rid of wars, hunger and ill health) I’d create an extra day between Sunday and Monday where the shops and most other stuff is closed – just for chillaxing (as the kids say).

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