Sunday, 20 January 2013

Week 54: Lizzie

I live in the northernmost part of Leeds - Otley (some even try to say it’s not Leeds – pah say I!). However, I grew up from 16 to 26 living in Hyde Park. I work in Leeds, my business is Leeds based and I love going out in Leeds!
From Monday to Wednesday, I work for the Parent Partnership Service. I support families who have children with Special Educational Needs, providing impartial support, advice and information with issues around education. This is something of a passion of mine because I am a parent of a child with disabilities.

I had my daughter at 18 years old, living in a homeless hostel for women run by the Salvation army in Bramley. I looked at her and I knew that I wanted to do better for her. At 5 months old, she got meningitis and I was told that she was going to die. She was in a coma for about a month, but luckily she came through it. Luckier still, she has no brain damage or hearing loss. She has had to have her legs broken and re-set, knees stabilised and hips operated on repeatedly since she was four. She’s brave and amazing. I’m a very proud mum of a 13 year old girl.

I also have a little boy, Ash who is 4. Because of him, I can now identify about 20 species of dinosaur and have whole conversations in Piratese (Pirates and Farmers are pretty much interchangeable). He’s small, boundlessly bouncy and does the best grinch brows this side of the Pennines.

My partner is Pete. Patient Pete we should call him. He is one of the very few bona fide geniuses (genii?) I’ve ever met. He has so many degrees/masters they are coming out of his ears, one of which he completed in 14 weeks, which was an experiment by M.I.T./Harvard to see if very smart people learn faster. Turns out, they do. He’s halfway through his PHD in computer sciences.
He works shifts, these are very bad for your health. We wanted to do something which one day could replace his shift allowance...

So, we own We started it because there are so many brilliant places in Leeds, and we want to share them. Ok, yes, and we hope to make a few pence at the same time!

I have come to love doing more than I ever imagined. I love meeting new people, I love discovering awesome places and testing the food & drinks there. And, I love coming up with creative new ideas to help people and work in partnership with them!

I may rant, I hope I’ll make you laugh and I hope to introduce you to new things – I expect you to do the same! Challenge me – I love a good debate!

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