Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week 55: Penny

I'm 36 years old, live in Headingley and teach Roman History at the University of Leeds. I moved to Leeds six years ago to take up my job at the University, and have really fallen for the city since. I love all the quirky and passionate things which go on here - the independent cinemas, arts scene, alternative scene, dances, cafes, restaurants, local activism and history events - and I love how Headingley manages to be a concentrated microcosm of the very best quirkiness and passion all by itself. I also feel like there's still a huge amount to discover here, and that's partly what I want to do in my week on the People of Leeds account - get to know 'my' Leeds better by tweeting about it, and hear about other people's Leedses (can that be a word?) as well.
My job means that the University is obviously very much at the centre of 'my' Leeds, so I'm hoping to provide a bit of an insight into my working life there. I won't talk about individual students, but I'll try to get across what University life is all about from the point of view of the staff. I'm also sure to have plenty to say about my academic subject, Roman history. You can expect me to report news stories about recent finds or research in my field, and talk about the similarities and differences between ancient and modern life. Out of work, I can be found out and about in Headingley, in town, or wherever interesting things are happening. Oh, and I have a camera on my phone, so can safely predict that there will be plenty of pictures of whatever I'm up to during my week as a Person of Leeds. :-)
Looking forward to meeting you all.

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