Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week 64: Josh

Howdy, my name is Josh and I'm originally from beautiful North Wales.

I went to Huddersfield Uni to study music technology and then moved over to Leeds after graduating. I currently live in Meanwood, it's not mean but it does have a wood.

After graduating with a  2:1 in music technology I obviously got a job making… coffee. I run a small independent espresso bar in Leeds city centre called Brewbar. I'm an aspiring musician, I speak welsh and I love dogs.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week 63: Peter

Hi everybody, my name is Peter Lane. I'm a husband, father and grandparent.
You can find me on twitter as @RevPLane and you will see me out and about in Seacroft where I am a church minister.
My job is very varied, with visits to schools, hospitals, homes and church.
It will be great fun bringing my unique insight into our beautiful city and the wonderful people that I spend each week with.
AND... It is my birthday on the Tuesday too :-) Good times!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Week 62: Stuart

About me:

40 something, married with three daughters. Originally from Wakefield, lived in Leeds for 14 years after a few years in the south. Commuter cyclist to Leeds city centre on a daily basis.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Week 61: Rebecca

I’m not from round here…I actually grew up down Sauf (bright lights, streets paved with gold etc). I moved up North back in 2006 to study film at University of Leeds and…have not ended up in the film industry at all. I actually work for the Council (family business), more specifically in the Markets Service doing marketing type things, yup marketing the markets.

When I’m not doing all manner of random work stuffs (including but not limited to organising zombies, reindeer, elves or miniature farms) I can usually be found pottering around Meanwood and eating. The other big love of my life after the boy (oh yeah him) is food. I spend most of my waking hours with it somewhere on my mind, so expect a lot of food snaps.

Likes electric blankets, Casualty, peanut butter/salty chocolate and serial killer books (extensive collection). Dislikes peppers, the little HSBC calculator thing and warm wine (but I’ll drink it anyway).

Anyway enough about me, how are you?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week 60: Ally

Greetings and salutations. I'm Ally (@AlisonNeale) and, well, I hesitate to say this but (deep breath), I'm from Essex. In my defence, I left at the earliest opportunity and I have lived since then in seven cities in five countries. I love learning foreign languages - hence the country hopping - and studied Spanish at university. I also speak a fair amount of French and Arabic. My passion for language and near-obsession with books and reading led me to a job in publishing, and by a roundabout route I ended up a self-employed copy editor, mostly of academic non-fiction.

I moved to Leeds in December 2010 with my then-partner, but of this I will say no more. Instead, I count my real Leeds life as dating from late July 2012, when I moved into a flat in the city centre. I live alone and work either from home or from the glorious Leeds Library on Commercial Street. I work long hours (to finance my book habit) but spend as much time as possible doing activities, events and cultural-type stuff... or just meeting people for coffee.

I plan to tell you what I love about Leeds and why I stayed here when I could have gone anywhere in the world.

Favourite film: Three Colours Blue.
Favourite book: Cold Comfort Farm, by Stella Gibbons.
Favourite food: cheese probably just trumps chocolate... but only just.

Week 59: Luke

Luke O'Brien, I am a graphic design student in my third year of university at Leeds College of Art, I also work part time at The HiFi club in town. I grew up in the UK and South Africa, and I had never come to Leeds until my interview for university and I immediately wanted to live here. I am a huge cycling enthusiast and music lover. In my spare time I run a music blog focusing on Leeds based music mainly but with a wide reach as well. Post graduation me and a classmate are going to set up a graphic design studio.
I wanted to do the People of Leeds because I followed it initially when I moved up here and it showed me a lot of things about Leeds and I want to share my experience thus far with others and hope they can gain the same.