Sunday, 10 March 2013

Week 61: Rebecca

I’m not from round here…I actually grew up down Sauf (bright lights, streets paved with gold etc). I moved up North back in 2006 to study film at University of Leeds and…have not ended up in the film industry at all. I actually work for the Council (family business), more specifically in the Markets Service doing marketing type things, yup marketing the markets.

When I’m not doing all manner of random work stuffs (including but not limited to organising zombies, reindeer, elves or miniature farms) I can usually be found pottering around Meanwood and eating. The other big love of my life after the boy (oh yeah him) is food. I spend most of my waking hours with it somewhere on my mind, so expect a lot of food snaps.

Likes electric blankets, Casualty, peanut butter/salty chocolate and serial killer books (extensive collection). Dislikes peppers, the little HSBC calculator thing and warm wine (but I’ll drink it anyway).

Anyway enough about me, how are you?

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