Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week 65: Hayley

Hi, I'm Hayley Avron,

Firstly, I should state that I am not born and bred in Leeds, but I have been here about 11 years (gulp), having decided that the city has more to offer me than the polite, pantiled streets of Tunbridge Wells, where I grew up.

I play roller derby for Leeds Roller Dolls (@LeedsRollerDoll). It takes up approximately 97% of my waking life and I have quite a few dreams about roller derby, too - especially leading up to bout day. If you don't know much about roller derby, you soon will because I'll be tweeting in the week leading up to our first home bout of the season (against Stockholm), so I will have bout fever!

I spend another 2% of my life working (look, maths has never been a strong point and I'm prone to exaggeration). I'm a writer, I write mainly for music websites & magazines and I currently work from home. Before you ask, yes, I do get dressed every day. OK: MOST days.

Aside from roller derby, music is my biggest passion. I haven't played in a band for a little while but I've made the majority of my friends in Leeds through music, one way or another.
I live in Moortown, total suburbia. 

Mainly, I am hoping I don't get Twitter stage-fright... Tweeter's block. That would be terrible.

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