Sunday, 14 April 2013

Week 66: Ali

Hi there, I’m Alessandra – or Ali (@Allllliiiii), as that’s less of a mouthful! I live in Oakwood, near the clock, with my lovely fella Robin and also lovely but very naughty kitten Bandit. I’m an adopted Person of Leeds – I was born in Florida, the Sunshine State!

I work at Umpf, a lovely PR and social media agency based on The Calls, and I flipping love my job :) I’m also pretty keen on music and gigs, comedy, cake, anything colourful or sparkly (magpie), travelling, tattoos and BIG hair. You’ll usually find me at some kind of gig in Leeds (punk and ska especially please), probably with a proper cider, gin and juice or a good cuppa tea. I’m going to tweet about what I get up to during the week, and hopefully we can help each other discover some awesome new things in the city! I promise I’ll try and entertain you for the week, and if all else fails then you can have some pictures of the kitten :)

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