Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week 70: Mel

My name is Mel (male not female). I've lived and worked in leeds most of my life (although I was born in Cyprus). 

I started my working career at La-Tasca  in Leeds, then after many other jobs, I ended up working at The Leeds Dental Institute. In 2010, I started a diploma in adult nursing alt the Leeds General Infirmary, and qualify next year.. YIKES!!!!

On a personal level, I really enjoy going out in Leeds for drinks and food. I present my own radio show at the hospital radio (@cityspundlgi) in leeds. I have been working at real radio too.. I love running. My first race was the Leeds 10k back in 2011, where I came 12th out of 9,000. Since then, I have completed the leeds half marathon and the great north run (I came 764th out of 55,000 there). Just recently started learning karate!!

A weird 'quirky' thing about me... I'm petrified of frogs! - don't ask!!

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