Sunday, 26 May 2013

Week 72: David

My name is David and I'm a 42 year old television scriptwriter living in Chapel Allerton. I've lived in Leeds for 18 years and Chapel Allerton for all of those 18 years. My wife works for an independent television drama company in Manchester and we have two kids, 8 and 5. I have a strong, complicated relationship with Leeds, a city that I love very, very dearly, but that also frustrates the living hell out of me, and I'll certainly be using this week to explore both those sides of that relationship! I'll also give a flavour of what my job entails, and the particular challenges of forging a career away from London of such a London-centric industry. I'm also a mad keen runner (and member of Chapel Allerton Running Club) and a music obsessive, so I suspect both of those will feature heavily too. Looking forward to it!

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