Sunday, 14 July 2013

Week 79: PP

The identity of PP needs to remain mysterious as he is the first Person of Leeds to be a child. He is 10 years old. PP was born on the 4th December 2002 in St James' Hospital, Leeds and has always lived in the Crossgates area of Leeds so is truly a person of Leeds. Currently, he attends Primary School and is a year 5. He has one of the busiest lives possible and every week goes to school, guitar lessons, tennis lessons, tutoring, Lifesaving classes and Cubs. At weekends he loves travelling around to interesting places like castles, historic houses, museums, art galleries, sporting events and music events. In between times he is a living legend on his mother's twitter (@HerLifeStory's). He is the only child @Gazpachodragon has ever admitted to liking. Recent favourite things are the Lord of the Rings novels, James Bond movies (particularly Skyfall) and BBC3's Craziest Fools. PP will be showing you Leeds from a child's perspective this week. Enjoy (and don't swear)

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