Sunday, 4 August 2013

Week 81: Laura

I'm Laura of Leeds. I am very recently married (21st June), living in Moortown with my new hubby and our two dogs. In fact, it's fantastic that I will have all of you to distract me from my post-wedding blues! And I apologise in advance for any photos showing off my honeymoon tan. I'm 28 years old, which I think is a strange in-between age where half of your friends have children and the other half are hanging onto their early 20s! As a result I think my week of tweets will be about my adventures and struggles being in the middle of the two halves - seeing friends and their families in their homes and family-friendly pubs or rock-climbing, snowboarding, and barbecuing with the others. No doubt there will be some trips to work too at Leeds University and a lot of dog walks in various Leeds parks. Here's a quick low-down: I love cooking without recipes, sewing without a pattern, walks without a map, and dogs (obviously). And I hate Leeds' public transport (because inevitably I would need a map), watches (because then I would need to be on time) and weighing scales (because not only does this require a recipe but also when I stand on them it never shows me what I want to see). And yet, I am very reliable!

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