Sunday, 4 August 2013

Week 82: Carley

Hi y'all, I'm Carley! I'm 25 years old, I'm a Masters student at Leeds University (MA Social & Cultural History), and as of September I'll be training to be a History teacher. I live with my husband in lovely Morley where we've been living the suburban dream for just over a year. I was born in Derby and grew up in a former mining town in Nottinghamshire (I'm possibly related to a bunch of C19th Sheriffs of Nottingham and some lace-makers, hello stereotypes). I've lived in Leeds for almost 6 years and spent all of that time either at university or working at Leeds Met SU. I'm currently writing my MA thesis so hobbies are a little sparse right now! But you can expect tweets about the history of Leeds, pubs, food, and pictures of some of my favourite bits of Morley. I hope I can share some interesting fact nuggets with you and learn a little more about south Leeds.

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