Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week 97: Aaron

My given name is Aaron Louis Adrian Nicholas Holt. I've been a native of Morley (LS27) since birth and almost all major milestones and rites of passage during my 29 years on this planet have occurred in and around Leeds I recently moved from Morley to Tingley, which is where my little family and I now enjoy our archetypal suburban, cul-de-sac existence. We pay tax to Leeds City Council and our phone number begins 0113, but inexplicably we have a WF3 postcode. Nonetheless, I have been eagerly awaiting my chance to be 'Person of Leeds' for months so refuse to be ousted on the grounds of a technicality! My official job title is 'Trailblazing Sales Behemoth' and I am employed by an awesome American company called @Pluralsight. They let me work from home, as well as sending me all over Europe and the UK (although I will be staying grounded during my PoL week - I have a lot to show you!) I see this as a beautiful opportunity to nostalgically chronicle my life and times in this fair city, factoring in an appropriate amount of rose tinting, interspersed with stark objectivity and sarcasm.

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