Sunday, 12 January 2014

Week 104: Second Anniversary

This week we're doing something a bit different. It's the second anniversary of PoL, so we've invited back past curators to take over each day as a sort of retrospective. We'll also be having a birthday party on Thursday at Lazy Lounge on Wellington St from 7.30pm, so please do come and join us. So the week looks like this: Monday - Lianne Hi, I'm Lianne Marie. The last time I did PoL I live tweeted my wedding, so am somewhat under pressure for a follow up! I'm currently 10 months into my Baby Holiday from my job as a Social Media Marketing Nerd, but thankfully I haven't lost all sense of social decorum and won't spend all day tweeting "Starchild did this", but whilst trying very hard not to swear a lot, I may forget. I make no such promises about talking constantly about food. I'm a real food movement fanatic, make lavender jam & write the food blog Everything Goes With Toast. Tuesday - Ben I'm Ben of Leeds from Week 15. I published an itinerary each morning of my week and walked across Leeds in a storm on my last day for your entertainment. I put my name in the hat for an anniversary day so I could take you all on a special tour of the city. Wednesday - Amber I was the 17th PoL back in May 2012 and it was such fun that I jumped at the chance of coming back for a day. I still spend most of the time wandering the streets of Leeds with my sons but there are now 3 of them, aged 7, 5 and 18 months. And we have recently moved house from Burley to Kirkstall. Thursday - Kirsty I was the original PoL, and I'm also the admin for the account. I'll be spending the day looking back over the past two years, and answering your questions on PoL, Leeds, and the universe. I'll also be out and about all day taking photos and meeting people. Then at night, I'll be handing over to all the previous PoLs at the PoL Birthday Party, for them to tweet about their time as curators. Friday - Ali I first wore the PoL hat in April 2013 – which seems like much longer ago than it actually is! Lots has happened since then and I’ve gotten to know Leeds and her lovely folk even better, so I can’t wait to help celebrate the PoL anniversary by chatting to you all again. I’m an adopted Yorkshire-person (via Florida) and I currently live in north Leeds with my lovely fella Robin and our two tearaway cats. I’m a Senior Account Exec at a lovely PR / social media agency on the Calls and a few of my very favourite things are music, food, words, colours and aerial dance (like pole and lyra). Let’s talk! Saturday - Ewan Hello, I'm Ewan, and back in September 2012 I was Person of Leeds #34. Since then I have also had a week as Person of the UK. If I'm honest, I long for the giddy speed of the Rotation Curation Twitter time-line, which is why I jumped at the chance of being PoL for a second time, even if it's only for one day. Sunday - PP Hello people (again) I am the mysterious Prodigious Progeny – if anybody doesn’t know, my true identity must be secret because I’m only 11. The last time I was a Person of Leeds was the 79th week ,which was from Sunday the 14th in July, after the whole awesomeness began. Mainly, these are the reasons of wanting to be a PoL again: 1. I get to swim in the sea of social networking (being metaphorical is the best thing ever). 2. I get to represent the young generation of my fellow east Leeds brethren!

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